International Shortfilm Festival in Sabina - 15th Edition

DEADLINE May 20th, 2013 (extended to 1st JUNE 2013)


The City of Mompeo organizes the "15th International Short Film Festival in Sabina", aimed at foreign filmmakers, with the institutional partnership with Province of Rieti and Regione Lazio.

The festival will take place in Mompeo (RI) 18 to 20 July 2013.


Registration is for free and the deadline is May 20th, 2013 (extended to 1st JUNE 2013).

There are two sections: FICTION, VIDEO CLIPS.

May participate all the films made after January 1st, 2012.

The video may have a duration no longer than 10 minutes for Fiction short films, and 2 to 7 minutes for the Video clips.

The videos that asks to be admitted to the Mompeo in Corto must be uploaded online at VIMEO, YOUTUBE or similar platforms by the filmmaker, who will take care of the highest resolution as possible and have the duty to inform the organizers of Mompeo in Corto using the Form Registration, of the exact link where the video will be uploaded and will be visible online. 

The formats accepted are: MiniDV, DVD.

If the language of dialogue is not the Italian tongue, the film must be subtitled. 

The jury will award the following prizes:

• Best Short Fiction 

• Best Video Clip 

For both categories, the prize will be a commitment of visibility offered to the rewarded creativity according to agreements currently being finalized.

• Any other special mentions, which will be assessed by the jury based on the characteristics of the artistic and technical materials posted.


The deadline is May 20th, 2013 (extended to 1st JUNE 2013)

Each contestant may participate with a maximum total of three short films produced after 1st January 2012.

With the application form it must be sent two copies of the work for the selection of works which the accepted formats. Selected authors will be notified by e-mail.

On the support must be clearly indicated: title of the shortfilm, full name of the director, duration and year of realizazion. Besides it will be written the link on VIMEO, YOUTUBE or similar platforms where the short film is visible online. 

It is recommended (but not required) to also include: the directors’s curriculum, the script, additional photos of the scene, backstage photos, storyboards, the curriculum of the main actors, the transcription of titles and credits, and all information on the implementation of the shortfilm, such as a backstage video (also using an additional DVD).

The registration form and the release form (one for each short film sent) should be totally completed in all the pages in the original and duly signed on all pages sent (on pain of exclusion from the competition). In the event of a short film made by a minor must also be signed by a parent.

The envelope (with copies of the short film competitor, the relevant application forms and brochures required) must be sent to:



Comune di Mompeo (RI)

Piazza Regillo, 3

02040 Mompeo (RI) - ITALY 

The submission of the material is a duty for the participant and must be sent by registered mail with return receipt. The video maker sends the work, claims to be entitled to all rights of use of the work itself, no excluded and that the contents there of do not violate any laws and that the work does not contain a character defamatory. In any event, the sender indemnifies the organizers of any responsibility for the content of the short film screened in public.

Participants in the competition authorize the Comune di Mompeo, organizer of the competition under Law 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions, including computer processing of personal data and use the information sent to all uses related to the competition and the events related.


The organization will select the works, by determining admission to the event and placing them in the section considered most appropriate. The jury will award prizes at its sole discretion. To all competitors will be sent promptly the final and detailed program of the event, but because of the expected high number of participants, will be contacted by telephone only those who receive prizes and special mentions. If you wish to have news of your film, you can send an email directly to the organization of the festival, which will respond to requests as soon as possible.


All participants agree to sign a release form, contained in the program, in which declare that they have no objection and any claims directly or indirectly by the  subjects or tecnica partners involved in the Festival through television, web, photographers, broadcasters radio, interviews, etc., with footage. 

The Organization is therefore authorized to transmit video in selected television programs, TV channels or other specific about the cinema, without requiring specific permission. The organization, for its part, undertakes not to sell this material exhaustively, but to use it solely for promotional purposes and complies with the spirit of the event.

The Organization may authorize one or more television channels, radio or whatever, to resume and record the event for use in their programming, without an additional waiver or a specific reimbursement for the finalists in the competition, either for the same evening or in the future.

The Organization expressly reserves to exclude from the Festival, at any time without any reimbursement, in the event of default under this Regulation.


The organization of the contest, while committing strictly in the care and custody of the works, not assumes responsibility for postal delays, theft, damage or loss that these may suffer before, during or after the event.

The works submitted for selection in video form part of the heritage of the Comune di Mompeo in particularly of the Mompeo in Corto. These works will be projected for educational, cultural, informative and non-profit: the author will always be mentioned.

Due to force majeure, technical and organizational problems or to improve or if exceptions are not provided, the organization may amend these rules, giving information on the site of Festival.

Sending the application form completed and signed constitutes unconditional acceptance of this Regulation.

Credits: GreenConsulting Srl

Direzione Artistica: Maria Luisa Lafiandra

Per informazioni ed iscrizioni: [email protected]

© Comune di Mompeo 1999 - 2009