Ce L'hai un Minuto? wins the XV edition

A big final evening with guests and surprises

Ennio Fantastichini, Claudia Gerini, Elena Bouryka, Giorgio Lupano, Daniele Luchetti, Giuseppe D'Antonio, Jean Paul Troili, Giorgio Colangeli, Francesco Montanari, Marco Testoni, Patrizio Marone... and more guests...

An award that brings good luck ....

Mompeo in Corto 2013 was won by Ce l’hai un minuto?, A fun comedy by Alessandro Bardani who won the directing and the audience for the idea of the script and the wonderful interpretation of Giorgio Colangeli and Francesco Montanari. Giulio Mastromauro received a special mention the delicate Carlo e Clara: a short film shot in a poetic black and white, dedicated to the life and love that takes advantage of the miraculous interpretation of two actors almost ninety Angela Goodwin and Franco Giacobini  and Virginia Gherardini.
Among the special mentions, Elena Bouryka won a special award directing Meglio se stai zitta: a ruthless as courageous painting about women. At the award ceremony was present, in addition to the director, the director Daniele Luchetti (Il Portaborse).

We also recall that in the earlier days were rewarded Did you hear about Jerry by Hermes Mangialardo as best videoclip.

The best actress award went to Claudia Vismara  for Rumore bianco by Alessandro Porzio. Cristiano Anania took an honorable mention for directing the delicate Pollicino. The Award for Best Short Film out of competition went to Great by Andreas Henn (Germany).

"We hope this edition brings good luck to our brilliant writers and directors. The Mompeo until now has been a real meeting point of talents and we can say that so far has brought good luck to our winners ... " The Event Manager, Maria Luisa Lafiandra said.

Several guests of the evening, beginning with the Godmother, Claudia Gerini. President of the Jury a very nice Ennio Fantastichini that in most moments recalled the effort for the youth of today to face the world of film and entertainment. The other jurors were: Alessandro Borghi (actor), Francesco Maria Dominedò (Director), Marcia Apice (editor 4Arts Entertainment and Labour), Silvia Marinucci (journalist for Mondofilm), Sabrina Quartullo (audio editor).

Symbolic and meaningful ceremony of the composer Marco Testoni as Ambassador, first of a series of characters that, in line with the values of cleanliness and linearity of the award, they know hid contribute and his generosity, professionalism, reputation and contacts to grow the Prize and the Festival. The award was also an opportunity to project a preview of the video for Io credo, io penso, io spero, the touching song is from the original soundtrack written by Marco Testoni with the text of Edoardo De Angelis and performed by Antonella Ruggiero for the BlackOut film. The presence of the Ambassador was also an opportunity to bring on the stage Giorgia Lorenzato and Manuel Zarpellon, directors of BlackOut, which this year they wanted to collect a provocation of the Festival and specially made for this edition Lei non è tua, mai one spot against femicide that use the valuable participation of Dolcenera. On the issue of violence against women, among other things, was dedicated  the novel was presented by Simona Renzi: Intervista con l’assassina.

As tradition has been awarded a lifetime achievement award that year went to Jean Paul Troili, event designer who has collaborated with renowned actors, directors, characters of international importance, in addition to signing recently some of the most famous in the world of weddings in Hollywood. While the Fiction Prize has been awarded to a brilliant and refined Giorgio Lupano.

Among the awards program: the Award for the editing of Venuto al Mondo by Sergio Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini to Patrizio Marone, a great film editor who signed with his chisel work among the best films of the last twenty years of Italian cinema. The Mompeo in Corto goes to the discovery of those trades of cinema lesser known but equally responsible for the final product of art.

In line with the research of young talent could not miss the traditional innovation prize that went to Giuseppe D'Antonio CEO of CircleMe, as a young promising social network that provides a network of all people through their passions.

Mompeo enters the world of Social Networks


A media partnership agreement has been estabilished between Mompeo In Corto ( and CircleMe (, the innovative social network that helps people to connect with their cultural interests.

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Mompeo, toward a new edition...


An edition 2013 full of guests: Claudia Gerini, Ennio Fantastichini, Enrico Vanzina, Pino Quartullo, Enio Drovandi, Giorgio Lupano, Patrizio Marone, Jean Paul Troili, Marco Testoni, Alessandro Borghi, Giuseppe D'Antonio and more.

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Ambassadors for Mompeo in Corto


While the first registrations for the MOMPEO INCORTO 2013 begin to arrive from all over the world (Registration closes on May 20th), the Event Manager Maria Luisa Lafiandra and staff of the Festival are outlining the first lines of the program (July 18th-20th) and to assess the first awards that traditionally the Mompeo in Corto gives to prominent personalities of cinema and for its many production mechanisms. 

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On the stage of the final: Valentina Lodovini, Enrico Vanzina, Beniamino Marcone, Daniele Favilli e Marlene Dietrich…

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Tonight opens MOMPEO IN CORTO 2012


Mompeo in Corto 2012 starts with Umberto Scipione, composer who wrote the soundtrack of Benvenuti al Sud and Benvenuti al Nord...

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Here the press kit (in Italian)

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On the stage of final: Clemente Mimun, Enrico Vanzina, Umberto Scipione, Daniele Favilli and Marlene Dietrich

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The deadline to participate to the XIV Edition of MOMPEO IN CORTO is extended to 9th June at the 12.00, the International Short Film Festival that the City of Mompeo, under the project management of Maria Luisa Lafiandra organized by fourteen years gathering from all over the world the best of Italian and foreign Filmmakers. Registration is free.

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