Mompeo enters the world of Social Networks

The Mompeo Festival teams up with CircleMe, the new social network to enjoy ones’s cultural passion more

A media partnership agreement has been estabilished between Mompeo In Corto ( and CircleMe (, the innovative social network that helps people to connect with their cultural interests.



A real change of perspective that contradicts the stereotypes of the social networks, often considered superficial and lacking in depth, but especially stimulates an increasingly intense enjoyment of culture and cultural products by connecting web users to their passions.

The special feature of this partnership with the Mompeo is that CircleMe will create a page for every artist: a real “showcase” where to avertise the artists’ activity, increase their visibility on the web and conduct the users to “like” their page.

“In this historical moment” – said Mompeo’s artistic director Maria Luisa Lafiandra – “the communication market is growing at a huge rate and it needs products like CircleMe, a tool for the present and for the future to get known and be connected with people who share interests and passions. The artists and the video-makers will get closer to their fans and will be discovered through smart serendipity from new fans who can get passionate about them. CircleMe is a reality worth considering and exploiting, because it gives visibility and proximity in a simple and transparent way, allowing everyone to connect”.

Giuseppe D’Antonio, CircleMe CEO, said: “The Mompeo In Corto is the perfect event for CircleMe to be discovered by the arts’ lovers. CircleMe is a different social network from others, where the users take a lot of care in expressing their interests so as to interact with people who share the same passions and discover new ones related to those which they have already expressed. CircleMe is becoming a smart showcase where to be found by many fans of cinematography, photography, art and other cultural passions. Despite its short history, on CircleMe we have already more than 100,000 pages of content created just in the categories of “Movies” and “Music”.

With an awesome graphical interface and a new generation of semantic technology, CircleMe offers its users a fast and dynamic way to explore their interests, discover new ones and connect with people who share the same or similar interests. CircleMe counts on a highly trained young staff, who has developed a solid experience in companies and academic institutions such as Google, Yahoo!, TripAdvisor, Sony, Babelgum, Dada, XeroxParc, Stanford and Purdue University. Its offices are located in Milan and London.

CircleMe has altered the relationship between the user and the social network, focusing primarily on the interests shared, so the first connection happens between the user and his/her passions. Once this connection is activated, the system starts to provide a range of services and relevant content, and makes the user discover other people who share the same interest. The focus then returns on the individual, so that the social interactions between users are motivated by a base of shared interests or passions in common. It is not strange that CircleMe has recently been discovered by artists and creative people who wish to display a showcase of their activity (e.g. music, photography, cinematography, painting, etc) in an environment where users are extremely careful in expressing their preferences. That’s why a “Like” on CircleMe has a higher value compared to the same action expressed in other social networks.

Furthermore, once the "like" is expressed on the platform, the user connects to the interest itself (in this case the artist) and can create a relationship of trust and direct communication. CircleMe stimulates the user to be updated regarding all the news and content related to the specific interest, and the artist is always aware of all the people who have expressed their preference on him or her.

CircleMe also allows users to express their interest about a specific topic with other actions, apart from the “like”. These features are the “ToDo” (which indicates an explicit intention expressed by the user to get to know more about the item) and the “Plant”  (with which the user can put a passion in any physical location on the planet so that other users can locate and discover it if they are in the same place and if CircleMe has reasons to think that it may be interesting for them). 

Mompeo enters the world of Social Networks


A media partnership agreement has been estabilished between Mompeo In Corto ( and CircleMe (, the innovative social network that helps people to connect with their cultural interests.

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Mompeo, toward a new edition...


An edition 2013 full of guests: Claudia Gerini, Ennio Fantastichini, Enrico Vanzina, Pino Quartullo, Enio Drovandi, Giorgio Lupano, Patrizio Marone, Jean Paul Troili, Marco Testoni, Alessandro Borghi, Giuseppe D'Antonio and more.

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Ambassadors for Mompeo in Corto


While the first registrations for the MOMPEO INCORTO 2013 begin to arrive from all over the world (Registration closes on May 20th), the Event Manager Maria Luisa Lafiandra and staff of the Festival are outlining the first lines of the program (July 18th-20th) and to assess the first awards that traditionally the Mompeo in Corto gives to prominent personalities of cinema and for its many production mechanisms. 

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On the stage of the final: Valentina Lodovini, Enrico Vanzina, Beniamino Marcone, Daniele Favilli e Marlene Dietrich…

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Tonight opens MOMPEO IN CORTO 2012


Mompeo in Corto 2012 starts with Umberto Scipione, composer who wrote the soundtrack of Benvenuti al Sud and Benvenuti al Nord...

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Here the press kit (in Italian)

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On the stage of final: Clemente Mimun, Enrico Vanzina, Umberto Scipione, Daniele Favilli and Marlene Dietrich

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The deadline to participate to the XIV Edition of MOMPEO IN CORTO is extended to 9th June at the 12.00, the International Short Film Festival that the City of Mompeo, under the project management of Maria Luisa Lafiandra organized by fourteen years gathering from all over the world the best of Italian and foreign Filmmakers. Registration is free.

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