First award: distribution in the cinema of Italy

Mauro Moretti to the young videomakers: “Being a group and take the lead of our Country”...

Grand Final for the fourteenth edition of Mompeo in Corto: the winners of this event and the cinema of the future. To lead the dance the art director Maria Luisa Lafiandra, with her usual enthusiasm.


The fiction section first prize went to Matteo Pianezzi with Smile, while the award for best videoclip at Emilio Pastorino with a song "Come si fa" by Amelie. A night full of guests and many stimuli. On the stage Valentina Lodovini, Enrico Vanzina, Beniamino Marcone, Daniele Favilli, Edoardo De Angelis, Riccardo Castagnari-Quince with his Marlene D..  But also Mario Spedaletti (Medusa) and the Mayor Mauro Moretti.


An edition of fun and happy atmosphere, but also of great content and intriguing discussion on the plight of Italian cinema. Valentina Lodovini who wanted to offer the prize for Best Comedy Actress at the Cinecittà workers barricaded themselves in these days to avert the closure of the historic center of production. The challenge is made more explicit with the intervention of Daniele Favilli, very active actor in Los Angeles, which has emphasized the difficulty of making films in our country. Animated response of the audience. Inevitable and scathing response from the Mayor Moretti who has invited young people to "network and take the reins of this country", becoming protagonists of Italian life.


Beniamino Marcone, awarded on the same stage last year, said: "Mompeo brought me luck, last year I did Il giovane Montalbano, iand now, I will go out with Cesaroni."


But we go into the detail of the evening. The first section of fiction prize went to the intense and touching Smile by Matteo Pianezzi who took the distribution by Medusa's work in some of the major Italian cinema at the top of one of the films that will be distributed to September.

The award for best clip "Come si fa" directed by Emilio Pastorino who made the videolip of a beautiful song of Amelie. A particular: Amelie, discovered by Premio Poggio Bustone in Rieti Award during Mompeo in Corto was in the Lunezia where she won the first prize. Pastorino won the opportunity to participate in an internship with Tweedle, Italian company leader in the sound.


In fondo a destra, a lovely short on the loneliness of the elderly, won two special mentions: for the script to Valerio Groppa and for the interpretation of Sergio Fiorentini, great Italian actor and dubber. The award for social commitment has gone to Hands by Andrea Falbo and Chiara Rapaccioni, including a short film and drawing come to Mompeo by Inventa un Film Festival which Mompeo has a partnership.

Al servizio del cliente by Premio Solinas, directed by Beppe Tufarulo won a special mention for his screenplay on an equal basis with In fondo a destra. And again: La casa dei trenta rumori by Diego Monfredini was awarded a special mention for Best Photography, Amarillo Limon for the creative idea.


Quell'estate al mare of Anita Rivaroli and Irene Tommasi obtained several mentions for fiction Best Director, for his portrayal of Matteo Oggioni and Roberto Citran. Mention for Best videoclip director, finally, went to Mario Parruccini for Love by Sistiana.


Among the main guests: Enrico Vanzina: screenwriter, author of numerous books for film, first of all the historic Febbre da cavallo, which Mompeo wanted to recognize the historic role in the birth of the Italian comedy; Valentina Lodovini Award for Best Actress Comedy Italian ; Riccardo Castagnari, aka Quince with his unsurpassed Marlene D. obtained Award Theatre and Music; Paolo Fosso with the revelation Award for the screenplay of Prima se il buio, and Davide Sacchetti Promise of Italian and international cinema, to Clemente Mimun goes to the traditional Mompeo Journalism Award.


Among the many other guests, some of the jurors of the competition that gives rise to questoappuntamento: Daniele Favilli, the actor who became famous for participating in Un posto al sole, but for years active in the British market, especially in Hollywood, awarded Revelation International Actor. And Beniamino Marcone, awarded last year as best actor in the short Mompeo Risorse umane fresche di giornata, which was awarded for his role of Giuseppe Fazio in Il giovane Montalbano.


Speaking of new proposals, the evening was also an opportunity to present BlackOut, a film about the dramatic theme of violence in a group created by young artists and performers from 16 to 17 who will soon be among the events of the Film Festival in Venice. At present the directors Manuel Zarpellon and Giorgia Lorenzato. Also present two of the professionals who have decided to offer their commitment to this work: Marco Testoni, author of the soundtrack, and Edoardo De Angelis, author of the text of the original song of the movie which will be played by Antonella Ruggiero, another artist who wanted to collaborate on the project, along with Dolcenera who gave one of her songs. Edoardo De Angelis wanted to offer some of the historical parts: Lella at the famous La casa di Hilde.


We remind the jury that he saw the Presidency headed by Babak Karimi. Among the jurors, in addition to Daniele Favilli and Beniamino Marcone, remember: Marzia Apice, managing editor of the newspaper online 4Arts - Entertainment & Labor. Silvia Marinucci reporter for 35mm. Bruno Di Marino, historian of the moving image, is currently Professor of Theory and Method of Mass Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone.


Recall that the event is organized by the Comune di Mompeo, with Regione Lazio- Assessorato Cultura, Spettacolo e Sport e Provincia di Rieti; and Enel Spa, Autostrade per l’Italia, Bnl Gruppo Paribas, Cariri, eni, Fazio.



On the stage of the final: Valentina Lodovini, Enrico Vanzina, Beniamino Marcone, Daniele Favilli e Marlene Dietrich…

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Tonight opens MOMPEO IN CORTO 2012


Mompeo in Corto 2012 starts with Umberto Scipione, composer who wrote the soundtrack of Benvenuti al Sud and Benvenuti al Nord...

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Here the press kit (in Italian)

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On the stage of final: Clemente Mimun, Enrico Vanzina, Umberto Scipione, Daniele Favilli and Marlene Dietrich

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The deadline to participate to the XIV Edition of MOMPEO IN CORTO is extended to 9th June at the 12.00, the International Short Film Festival that the City of Mompeo, under the project management of Maria Luisa Lafiandra organized by fourteen years gathering from all over the world the best of Italian and foreign Filmmakers. Registration is free.

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