WHEN THE SHORTFILM BECOMES A LONG MOVIE... Sweet Sweet Marja: a film born of the great idea of a shortfilm

will be present the director and the cast in Mompeo

Second day for MOMPEO IN CORTO. Planned projection and awards for the film Sweet Sweet Marja, a delightful film signed by Angelo Frezza born from an award-winning short film La piantina in 2001 in Mompeo. 

A comedy incredibly ironic, whit an excellent cast: Marco Messeri, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Pietro Sermonti, Antonio Spriano. Will be present the director Angelo FrezzaCorrado Calda, actor and co-writer, and Elisabetta De Palo, one of the main actors in the film.

Born from the evolution of The Shortfilm La piantina already awarded in 2001 in Mompeo, Sweet sweet Marja (2007) demonstrates how important the kind of short for the development of the product movies.

Put one evening at dinner with a real estate with bad habit, a dissatisfied young wife, a stock promoter who stuns its victims with a chilling eloquence, add a gentleman supposed enriched with the legacy left to him in dowry from the wicked grandmother,and you're served a pleasant and original comedy .

Sweet Sweet Mary, strange film in the national film scene, shot in low cost and with a cast of talented actors, from Marco Messeri to Maria Grazia Cucinotta to Antonio Spriano to Pietro Sermonti, offers an hour and a half of pure comedy, creating a mix of entertainment and laughter that makes it very pleasant final compound. Corrado, a real estate agent in the bill, trying to close the deal of his life with the sale of "Villa Lorenzetti," passe-partout opening the doors of all illusions, including those of two members dilapidated - a wastrel without qualities and a promising young high finance- willing to do follies just to get hold the villa. Unfortunately, to complicate things, there is a secret ingredient that breaks in the pudding specially prepared for dinner business, making it all a bit 'more frivolous and natural.

The film of Angelo Frezza has the great advantage of relying on a narrative pretext, a plant of marijuana, rattling off its inner virtues and vices of ordinary Italians, always ready to fool the neighbors and to show off its culture in TV quiz shows, hiding so behind masks worn by fading in a single bite.




Credits: GreenConsulting Srl

Direzione Artistica: Maria Luisa Lafiandra

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