June 2011

2011: a year of change

2011: a year of change, from the artistic director (Maria Luisa Lafiandra), to the site, the new logo. Remains stable, the love for the culture of quality that meets professionally around him a group of passionate people involved in the project from the first hour.

We recall that in recent years The International Short Film Festival in Sabina was attended by authors, filmmakers and fans of the genre from all over the world: the Festival's archive preserves the film produced by young Americans, Russians, Australians, Europeans and east that have participated in various editions. Significant also was the presence and participation of school which was dedicated a specific section of the competition for the type of productions presented.

The attention in the '60s for this form of art that has enhanced the daily lives of men and women of all ages led to an art form by a distinguished author as Nanni Loy, has developed over the years with a growing interest has transferred, with the same enthusiasm in the world of television that has captured the media attention of a wider public. No coincidence that the first editions of the Festival were dedicated to Nanni Loy.

Credits: GreenConsulting Srl

Direzione Artistica: Maria Luisa Lafiandra

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