6 July 2004

This year the Festival opens new perspectives: as well as the cinema shorts which have characterised the Festival in it's last 7 years, the 2004 edition will also include short theatre pieces from the "Schegge d'autore" review, whose artistic director is Renato Giordano. The review has been held for the last 4 years in Rome, at the Teatro Belli and Teatro Tordinona, in collaboration with the SNAD (Sindacato Nazionale Autori Drammatici) and 'ENAP (Ente Nazionale Previdenza Artisti).
Mompeo will host the finals and the prize-giving for the overall winner of Schegge. The union of short thatre and films makes the Mompeo Festival unique in Italy.
The Sabina International Short Film Festival: Cinema and theatre give voice to alternative languages, in fact, the week of the festival will also feature the language of music in cinema and soundtracks, thanks to the Mompeo town band, and the language of the body in the form of mime, the language of silent films.
Each evening will open with a short selection of poems, both classic and contemporary, selected for the festival by the National Writer's Union. In short, this year the Mompeo Festival opens it's doors to all art forms, allowing us to go beyond stereotypes to search for and find Art in many of it's aspects.
The Comune of Mompeo would like to thank the Cosmoart Association for it's important contribution to organisation of this year's festival.

Associazione Cosmoart

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This year's Festival programme is richer and more varied than ever. As well as the usual short films the festival will be playing host to other art forms. There will be the finals between the four short plays, of a maximum 30 minutes each, winners of the "Schegge d'autore" competition directed by Renato Giordano which, for the last four years, has been held at the Tordinona Theatre and the Belli Theatre in Rome. The Festival will also feature full-length films, poetry readings and performances of film music, and Mompeo will form the backdrop to a contemporary art trail across the village. All of this makes this Festival unique in Italy, and enhances its reputation as an international festival of cinematic short films.

All competition entries should be presented before 11th June 2004, and the short films themselves must reach us by 30th June 2004. This year the competition has two sections: animation, for which the films must be no more than 5 minutes in length, and fiction, for which the films must be no more than 7 minutes in length.

- The Festival's Artistic Director of 7 years standing, Ugo Fangareggi, will open the Festival on the 11th July, followed by a film screening.
- 12th July: the evening will open with a poetry reading, followed by a film screening
- 13th July: Screening of short films competing in the Mompeo Short Film Festival.
- 14th July: Screening of short films competing in the Mompeo Short Film Festival.
- 15th July: the Mompeo Town Band will perform music from unforgettable films, accompanied by mimed performances by the Ugo Fangareggi Theatre Company. A film screening will follow.
- 16th July: finals between the four short plays, winners of the "Schegge d'autore" competition for Italian drama.
- 17th July: last evening of the Short Film Festival with awards to the winners of the short film and the short plays competitions.

Prizes will be awarded by celebrities from the worlds of show-business and culture.
The Festival will be hosted by the presenter Daniela Miniucchi.

A more detailed programme will be published closer to the date of the Festival.

This year also sees a collaboration with Tregatti snc music company in the project "Localitour d'Italia by Jalisse"

This project aims to highlight, in collaboration with Italian municipalities, all those leisure, tourist, cultural and educational activities or sites seeking a higher profile with the public, using a fun, innovative and dramatic means of communication: the concert.
Sponsored by ANCI Nazionale and in connection with the musical tour of JALISSE from April to October 2004, it aims to:
highlight and value cultural treasures during each concert; heighten public awareness of the creativity of young writers, directors and actors through the short films tour; increase awareness of the places involved among both local people and visitors.
Squares, streets, churches, parks, villages, hamlets, cultural and tourist sites, local beauty spots and itineraries become the centre of a unique initiative of its kind, using text, talks, maps and photos and involving all local organizations and authorities dealing with tourism and culture. A service dedicated to both visitors and residents looking for information about their own or nearby areas, during a musical and video performance.

In the context of a territory-wide promotional calender of concerts, the artist will help promote certain local sites and activities. The photos, texts and films will be published both before and during the concert on a maxi-screen.
Each concert will feature a space for the presentation of short films made by young local artists who would like to raise their public profile. Collaborations are being organised with cinema production and distribution companies, as well as with numerous festivals.

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